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"They're never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal."
Lenore Hershey

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Bamboo - A Material for Landscape and Garden Design

Harry van Trier, Jan Oprins et al

The preface in this book says it all - "Anyone who has not yet caught bamboo fever is warned. This book could have serious consequences for you." Good information on growing bamboo. Excellent photos. Nice "coffee table" book as well.

Hard cover price: $68.00

Bamboo Growing in Alabama

D. G. Sturkie, V. L. Brown, W. J. Watson

American Bamboo Society reprint of Agricultural Experiment Station at Auburn University Bulletin 387. Originally published in 1968, provides good basic information on growing bamboo. While the title is "Bamboo Growing in Alabama" the information applies to many other areas as well.

Soft cover price: $ 6.00

Bamboo Preservation Compendium

Walter Liese & Satish Kumar

In depth discussion of various methods used in protecting and preserving bamboo culms; includes chapter on safety precautions. Some color photos illustrating procedures.

Soft cover price: $27.00

Bamboo Style

Gail Beth Goldberg

A look at the use of bamboo in design and decoration as inspired by Japan's use of bamboo.

Hard cover: $43.00

Soft cover : $23.00

Bamboo for Gardens

Ted Jordan Meredith

An excellent book describing the plant, its culture and uses. Many color photos. Detailed descriptions on approximately 300 different bamboos. 406 pages.

Hard cover price: $43.00


Paul Starosta and Yves Crouzet

Advice on cultivating and using bamboo. Over 100 excellent color photos and illustrations; includes many photos of shoots which would be helpful in identifying bamboos.

Hard cover price: $43.00


Christine Recht & Max F. Wetterwald

This book features 128 pages, with 100 photographs and drawings, many in color. Information on uses, characteristics, planting and cultivation including container growing. Includes recipes using bamboo shoots.

Hard cover: $38.00

Soft cover : $28.00

Bamboos of the Genus Phyllostachys Under Cultivation in the US

F. A. McClure

American Bamboo Society reprint of USDA Agriculture Handbook No. 114. Original issued in June 1957, features descriptions and black and white drawings. Includes the famous "McClure Key" -- "Key for Field Identification."

Soft cover price: $ 9.00

The Bamboos

F. A. McClure

In my opinion this is the first book every bamboo grower should own. Floyd McClure's book "The Bamboos" is the number one source of information on bamboos grown in the U.S. McClure introduced many of the bamboos we have in the U.S. today. His research at the USDA Agricutural Research Station and Plant Introduction Station in Savannah, Georgia (now the University of Georgia's Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens) produced most of the information on which we rely about bamboo growth and habits.
Paperback, 341 pages

Soft cover price: $28.00

The Book of Bamboo

David Farrelly

From the history of bamboo, its cultivation and harvest to end uses, "The Book of Bamboo" provides a wealth of information. Illustrated with many black and white line drawings and photos. Soft cover, 332 pages.

Soft cover price: $28.00

Building Bamboo Fences

Isao Yoshikawa

An excellent book with many color photos and numerous black and white illustrations which would be quite valuable to anyone constructing a bamboo fence. Soft cover, 143 pages.

Soft cover price: $23.00

A Compendium of Chinese Bamboo

Zhu Shilin, Ma Naixun, Fu Maoyi

A must-have book for the serious bamboo grower. 241 pages with discussion of 500 Chinese bamboo species and over 400 color photos of bamboo shoots, culms and groves.

Hard cover price: $125.00

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos (hardcover)

Michael Bell

Filled with many color photos, "The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos" provides details on cultivation and propagation of many varieties suitable for colder climates. The author, Michael Bell, is president of the UK Bamboo Society. Hard cover, 159 pages.

Hard cover price: $33.00

Hardy Bamboos - Taming the Dragon

Paul Whittaker

Very good book with many excellent color photographs on cold hardy bamboos. Written by a British nurseryman, but the majority of observations and statements apply to bamboos grown in the United States as well.

Hard cover price: $43.00

How To Bamboo: Simple Instructions and Projects

edited by Paul. N. Hasluck

Includes illustrations and basic instructions for building tables, chairs and seats, bedroom furniture, hall racks and stands, cabinets, bookcases and window blinds using bamboo. Many miscellaneous articles are included, along with a thorough primer on tools and techniques. Reprint of book entitled "Bamboo Work" published in 1853.

Soft cover price: $18.00

How to Build with Bamboo

Jo Scheer

Collection of 19 projects using bamboo. Includes descriptions, procedures and tools to use. Color and black and white photos and drawings showing how to make the items. Soft cover, 94 pages.

Soft cover price: $19.00

Japanese Bamboos and Their Introduction into America

David G. Fairchild

American Bamboo Society reprint of USDA Bulletin No. 43; original issued in July 1903.

Soft cover price: $10.00

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