Friendly name: Beautiful Bamboo

Phyllostachys decora
"Beautiful Bamboo"

Maximum Height: 30'
Maximum Diameter: 2 1/2"
Minimum Temperature: -11° F
Does best in full sun.
Spreading: Aggressive

Phyllostachys decora Beautiful Bamboo

Also called Phyllostachys mannii decora bamboo. From the Yangtze valley and adjacent areas of China. In China, it is called the Beautiful Bamboo. One of the best performers under stress of desert heat, cold and drought in Nevada. Now considered to be conspecific with P. mannii 'Mannii.'

Phyllostachys decora Beautiful Bamboo

Botanical Latin is essentially a written language .... How they are pronounced really matters little provided they sound pleasant and are understood by all concerned...
W.T. Stearn an authority on Botanical Latin

Name Botanical Alternate Meaning
Phyllostachys fil-lo-STAK-iss fy-lo-STAK-iss   Greek for leaf spike 
mannii MAHN-ee-eye    

Performance data
Phyllostachys decora Beautiful Bamboo (Zone 7)
Year Height Diam Low Temp Winter damage First shoot
1 6' 0 1/4" None July 3
2 7' 0 1/2" None March 24
3 11' 0 5/8" 10° None April 7
4 14' 0 3/4" 11° None April 1
5 20' 1" None April 9
We start harvesting and grooming our groves after the 5th year, so any results after that would not reflect the true performance of the grove.
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Phyllostachys decora Beautiful Bamboo
Edible shoots Good Hedge Too tall
House Too large Wood quality Excellent
Container Good Crafts Good
Screen High branching Ornamental Good
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