Friendly name: Sweetshoot

Phyllostachys dulcis
"Sweetshoot Bamboo"

Maximum Height: 40'
Maximum Diameter: 2 3/4"
Minimum Temperature: -3° F
Does best in full sun.
Spreading: Moderate

Phyllostachys dulcis Sweetshoot Bamboo

Phyllostachys dulcis is called "Sweetshoot Bamboo" because its shoots have a particularly good taste. It is one of the most important species for shoot production. Introduced from Zhejiang into the U.S. in 1908 when it was called Phyllostachys henryi but in 1945 Floyd McClure described it as dulcis.

Phyllostachys dulcis Sweetshoot Bamboo

Botanical Latin is essentially a written language .... How they are pronounced really matters little provided they sound pleasant and are understood by all concerned...
W.T. Stearn an authority on Botanical Latin

Name Botanical Alternate Meaning
Phyllostachys fil-lo-STAK-iss fy-lo-STAK-iss   Greek for leaf spike 
dulcis DUL-sis   Sweet 

Performance data
Phyllostachys dulcis Sweetshoot Bamboo (Zone 7)
Year Height Diam Low Temp Winter damage First shoot
1 6' 0 3/8" Medium leaf burn April 7
2 8' 0 1/2" High leaf burn April 14
3 16' 1 1/4" 10° Low leaf burn April 14
4 19' 1 1/2" 11° None April 3
5 22' 1 3/4" None April 19
We start harvesting and grooming our groves after the 5th year, so any results after that would not reflect the true performance of the grove.
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Phyllostachys dulcis Sweetshoot Bamboo
Edible shoots Excellent Hedge Too tall
House Too large Wood quality Excellent
Container Good Crafts Good
Screen High branching Ornamental Good
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