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Mr. Bamboo Panda wants you to know about his Bamboo Spade

The Bamboo Spade - the ultimate root balling spade.
We no longer sell bamboo plants.
We are only selling our Bamboo Spade and remaining books.

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Mary Ann Digging a root ball

Bamboo Spade...

Our Bamboo Spade is the ultimate root balling spade for bamboo as well as other plants.
The Bamboo Spade is being manufactured for MidAtlantic Bamboo by W. W. Manufacturing Co., Inc., the maker of the "King of Spades."
The Bamboo Spade digs faster, cuts the rhizomes clean, gives well-formed root balls, saves your knees and feet.
It allows you to stand to the side to get into tight spaces, and is a great tool for containing bamboo by root pruning.

First law on holes
.........when you're in one, stop digging!

The Bamboo Spade

Manufactured exclusively for MidAtlantic Bamboo by
W.W. Manufacturing Company, Inc.
makers of the King of Spades.

Bamboo Spade Price: $180.00

Plus UPS shipping -- Virginia residents add 5.3% sales tax

Call Mary Ann at (434) 298-0078 to order

Bamboo Spade Blade
Bamboo Spade steel tip
Bamboo Spade locking pin
Same blade as the King of Spades
Hardened steel tip on ram
Locking pin for transporting
Start to dig bamboo
Digging bamboo
Place blade on ground
Raise the ram
Using the bamboo spade to cut rhyzomes
Using the ram to cut bamboo rhyzome
Bring the ram down with a sharp blow
Repeat until you have cut completely around the plant
Prising the root ball with the bamboo spade
Using the Bamboo Spade to prise from several locations
Once cut, start to pry the root ball out
Pry from several locations
Bread the bamboo feeder roots
Use the Bamboo Spade to help getting the root ball out
Once the feeder roots pop you can raise the root ball
Use to help get the root ball out of the hole
The bamboo root ball is out
A new bamboo plant
Out of the hole
You have a new division ready to transplant
Bamboo is containable if you are diligent

We have retired from selling bamboo, however, we are leaving our bamboo site on line until 2022 for information purposes on the varieties we did sell.


We have made every effort to provide accurate information about bamboo but we have found that bamboo does what it wants to given different circumstances.

One way we contained our bamboo....

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The Bamboo Spade

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